How to Hold a Shotgun in Close Quarter Situations


Semi-automatic shotguns fire only one shell every time the trigger is pulled. A magazine can automatically be used to chamber a new surface. This allows you to fire off shots quickly. Some states have banned it if you intend to hunt with your semi-automatic gun.

Semi-automatic shotguns are less likely to jam than pump action or break-action ones because rounds are loaded automatically and have more complicated designs. Shotguns use the gauge to measure the barrel diameter, which is not the case with rifles and handguns. Measurement Winchester 209 primers gauges can be traced back to the days before muzzle-loading guns. The gauge number for a shotgun is determined using the number of lead ball sizes that can be used to roll the barrel down to make a pound. In other words, twelve lead balls with a diameter equaling the barrel’s diameter add up to one pound for a 12 gauge shotgun.

Many turkey hunters load their shotgun ammunition with Tungsten Super Shot or Hevi-Shot. Reloading, however, improves the performance of all shotgunners. Competitive clay shooters have always designed reloads to suit their game. Red Dot versus Green Dot, Universal, or Clays powder can be complicated to debate. It is a debate that goes far beyond the scope of this article. It won’t take much time to choose your favorite. That comes from experimentation. To help you get started, we’re available today.

You will first need a reloading handbook. You can find many from various sources, including Winchester Hodgdon and Alliant. These companies produce shotshell powders that are very popular and provide manuals for free. Other resources are also available online. However, you should only trust information from the firearms industry.

Data sets in a manual can be arranged according to gauge, payload weight, and shell. Each load will contain chamber pressures, muzzle velocities, and chamber pressures. A shotgun reloading machine is a complete solution to produce a reloaded shotgun cart from start to finish. I use the MEC Sizemaster to refill shotgun cartridges in 12-, 20- or 16-gauge.

The Sizemaster includes stations organized in a circular design that allows for all steps to be performed. The first step is removing and resizing a used shotgun shell back to factory dimensions. The next station places the wad. The next station dispenses the shot, and the last station crimps it.

MEC presses have a charging bar and three bushings, which measure the correct powder and shot weight. Although the bushings work well, I changed the stock charge bar to a universal charge bar that allows you to dial in exact weights, up to one-tenth of a grain of both charges. This eliminates the discrepancies that may occur with different powders and shot sizes.

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